Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Standing up for others


Serving blindly was a clarion call by his Grand father and regularly reinforced by spiritual leaders from across the spectrum of religions and traditions. Mike feels blessed that God has created a speck of a space for him to fulfill that mission.

Mike has stood up and spoke for I
mmigration reforms at Farmers Branch and Downtown Dallas. He has participated in the Gaza Rally  and moderated the Interfaith Prayers for Goodwill in Gaza and has deplored the rockets into Israel. Joined in the organizations for Darfur and speaks up against the and persecution of minorities, He will stand up with Jews, Gays & Lesbian and the Mexican immigrants in a rally against them in Dallas.

He was involved in the cause of
persecuted in Japan, spoke out against the destruction of a Church in Jakarta; a ban on Hindu festival in Italy; desecration of a Hindu temple in Malaysia, Moscow, Trinidad, Lahore and other places. Spoke out against the suffrage of the Kashmiri Pundits, the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, the burning of Hindus in Godhra, burning of Godhra and rape of Nuns in India. The forced conversions of Hindu in Pakistan and the harassment of Dalits and Christians in India. Please note these are the representative items and by all means not all. Mike also joins with Native Americans in their quest for a Heritage day to celebrate their contribution to America

Mike has condemned the
vandalism at Holocaust Museum, spoke out against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and consistently fights the anti-Ahmadiyya prejudices, He made a painful acknowledgement of the atrocities we commit in different names.

He feels blessed to have the ability to touch every one of the human beings and partnering with each of the religious traditions, He has done a Radio Program on each on every one, each one at least 25 times and few over 100 times and has presented workshops on each one of them. In six Unity day events, three Holocaust and Genocide event and over ten thanksgiving celebrations and host of other events, he has painstakingly brought every one together.  

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